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Payroll Tax Preparation Sydney

What is payroll tax?
Payroll tax is what the Australian government tax employers on the salaries paid to employees. There is certain level when the total Australian salaries exceed called 'exemption threshold'. Payroll tax threshold and rate for 2013 is:

Days in month








Running a business will incur expenses and usually payroll is one of the largest expenses. Many companies may have complex payroll structure especially when it associates with tax law. Depending on the company policies the pay period is vary as some companies pay either a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.  Many employers find it challenging to organise the payroll activities including PAYG and payroll tax. At Cross Accountancy Services we can help you with all PAYG and payroll services. We encourage you to call us and ask for any enquiries you may have and we will be very happy to assist.

Our accountants work with our clients in order to understand their business structure to enable us to provide the right advice. It is very important to us to know the company structure and number of employees.   Call us now and let us help you.


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